Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 7th 2018) clues of Classic Crossword by Merl Reagle crossword.

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Hydrogen ___ (gas that smells like rotten eggs)
Florence sits on it
Something to stand on
Beaver's last name
Soprano's neighbor
Turn sharply
Resident of San Simian?
Cup-shaped flower
Interrupted film about Southern farmers?
Military or music abbr.
Made tracks
Pianist Rudolf
Whitman's dooryard bloomers
Half-wild, half-domesticated canine
Gide's good
A step ahead of the MPs
Interrupted blue-collar spinoff of Dallas?
Rise up
Darned spot
Barrister's quaff
Mr. Kazan
Laid orbs on
Interrupted aerobics-show theme?
Photographer Adams
Oligocene critters (literally, "toothed mountain dwellers")
Last gasps for gamblers
Plutocrat's digs
Mount that Moses climbed
Recommended amt.
Dew Drop and Dolly Wright
Canadian prov.
Sinking signal
Interrupted show about prune-loving private eyes?
Detour abbr.
"You betcha"
Letterman's time
Hawaiian tuna
Supermodel who wed David Bowie in 1992
Awakened, in a way
Bust bottom
Frankenstein neck feature
Jannings and Gilels
With 96 Across, the other Tammany Hall scandal?
"Too much!"
Opposite of sud
Golfer Hogan
Auction gesture
Ark of the Covenant, e.g.
See 88 Across
Oft-dedicated poetry
Jousting title?
Muscadet wine city
A Musketeer
Take to a higher authority
Sizable: abbr.
Geometry proof abbr.
Interrupted series about a cramped flying saucer?
Parent co. of Universal Pictures
Glass coloration
Anarchist Goldman
Hop on an iron horse
Astronomer's tableau
"Wine-dark" places
Some grains
Bait-and-switch, e.g.
Arm bone
Interrupted actor who'd been sitting around too long anyway?
Clan: abbr.
A paler shade of white
Don't mention it, in Durango
Previously, to the Bard
Diet restrictions
Skin cream herb
Pianist José©
Attach firmly
Mary Kay rival
Boxer separator
Starting-over goal
Maker of Tater Tots
Aa or pahoehoe
Roots was one
Hair goos
Guesser's plea
Tin is one
Ring cheer
Bask successfully
A living nightmare
Incendiary crime
"___ not amused"
Luau accessory
Linden and Roach
Casablanca role and namesakes
Mislead intentionally
Elihu and Linus
'60s mindbender
Go downhill
"A big fat hen" preceder
Italian wine city
JFK's spy hero
Caruso or Fermi
___ Teen-age Werewolf
Last box on a questionnaire
Mirror-breaker's bad-luck span, briefly
A concrete amount
Crusades crusher
Part of a circle's area
Demetrius's workplace
Slot machine fruit
Classic Ford, familiarly
Interrupted show about lawn-care crimefighters?
___ of one's own medicine
"That ___ religion"
See 59 Down
Sierra Club sci.
Baby's need, for short
Word in a Joe McCarthy question
Biol. blueprint
Weed yanker
Watch sites
Some snakes
Dog in old RCA logos
Gorgeous, to a girl
More subdued
V-8, for one
Gray's Anatomy et al.
Top 40 format
Fired, as a torpedo
Mound dwellers
Poetic pastures
City or canal
Hibernation stations
___ big way
Angle or cycle preceder