Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 10th 2018) clues of Classic Crossword by Merl Reagle crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 132 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

TV host who's a big crossword fan?
Arkansas senator who joined a pub-toasters' club?
"Have I not ___ weep?" (Shak.)
Dead End Kid's negative
Keeps up the grass
Major moocher
Great Lake port, in addresses
___ grudge
Merlin and Ole
A little night music?
Most in­­de­­pen­­dent
Ms. Hogg of Texas
Line of cliffs
Author of "The Singin' Chipmunk"?
Rewind/search mach.
Grimm being
Humidifier output
"I see!"
Ho Chi ___
Pink Panther series regular
Rex Reed rejection
Caligula's thing
Out ___ (defective)
B&B relative
Lyon leftovers
Check-out time, often
Works to get loose
Stonewort specimen
Pull on
Singer-turned-private eye?
Big game roar
A heck ___ guy
Poet with a device for lifting sculptures?
Wolf's eye
Way out of Rome
Ex-Saturday Night Live regular Dunn
Record-breaking racehorse of the 1960s
Ascot, for one
Morse E
Existed once
Director with an obstruction?
Composer who needs to change something under the hood?
"Golden Girl" Getty
Maketh whole
Filmed anew
That darn puzzle bird
Gin flavorers
Author of The St. Valentine's Day Massacre?
Sharp rebukes
Roxanne portrayer
Feeling more like a snake
Chagall and Connelly
Little duct
Jesus of baseball
Dawn goddess
Elect. day
Auto chore that's really draining
Singer who sprang a leak at the Indy 500?
___ Under the Sun
Language ending
Monthly bill recipient, e.g.
Cat of moviedom
Albee's Zoo Story, e.g.
What Bannister did in 3:59
"You're on!" (gambler's exclamation)
Gobel or Stang type
Guffaw a   la Benny Hill
Rubs the wrong way
Like Dickens's Mr. Murdstone
Get the lumps out of
(Turn the page)
Very little
Wrap in bandages
Spanish adj. ending
Paper size
Fa followers
Johnson or Jonson
Bakker's undoer
Backwoods gamboler
Light rain
___ culpa
Exercise fanatic's goal
Financing abbr.
"___ none of that, thank you!"
Dagwood's wood-sawing
Serious spleen
A conspirator in Julius Caesar, Metellus ___
Take ___ at (examine)
Upper houses
Love meeter?
Use a 1 Down: abbr.
Silent comic who entered a motorcycle race?
Iraqi port
Scratched (out), as a living
Doing zilch
Actor on a meditation voyage?
Kodak guy
Ride's former employer: abbr.
Where grazie means something
Like current events?
Big hole in Oregon
Clio candidates
Wallet skin
Austin or Boston
Composer of "Last Man Off de Train"?
Nemesis of Spartacus
Rolled out, as Old Glory
Most uniform
Getting slower, in mus.
He's Yogurt in Spaceballs
The bottom line, often
___ of steak knives
Carter's Secretary of State
Helps (a felon)
Mexico City kitty
Fish or mouse
Hospital rheums?