Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 3rd 2018) clues of Classic Crossword by Merl Reagle crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 144 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Au's is 79
TV journalist Curry
Soothing advice to a victim of red tape?
Surveillance planes
Jenny in Love Story
Assist, in Alabama
Star of "The Flight that Failed"?
Neet rival
Shuffle method
Indian feeling no pain?
Doberman hue
San Francisco, e.g.
Laid-back hero of the comics?
Tax I.D. no.
Encyclopedias en masse
Surface for Kerrigan
Memorable Broadway Lola
Checkers double-decker
Fiery liquid
Cartoonist who invented the Republican elephant
Sinaloan singleton
Writer Seton
Rick Blaine portrayer
Small horse-drawn carriage
G.I. busters
Military cap with a plume
Half of MIV
Newsman Charles and family
Meet the Press network
"Toe" preceder
Crude stone tool
"___ it goes"
Leg part or animal
First name of 96 Down
Shot from guns
Pre-1917 rulers
"... sow, so shall ___"
Electrician's chant?
The remainder of the remedies?
She may feel shear terror
Last letters
Slap-shot stopper
Zombie island
___ Aviv
Pope in 1050
Victor Hugo's daughter
Sounds of wonder
A movie was all about her
Tsongas beat him
N Utah city
"___ about it!"
Soothing opera piece?
City on the Allegheny
Chord with a flatted third and fifth: abbr.
Keyboard works
Actress Allgood
New Mexico Indian
Caterpillar hairs
Q: "Are these the pills you want, Fonzie?" A: "___"
Bank CD abbr.
First words of Cash's "I Walk the Line"
Beer-tasting nuance
Skating feats
Puppy's bark
Number of days in avril
Superstitions, home cures, etc.
Spontaneous-generation debunker Francesco
Archipelago units
Soothing former game-show host?
Airline to Den.
Certain engrs.
Part of SHAZAM
Rejector of everything
Grosbeak's beak
RCA output, once
Start of a verse?
Day times
Congestion-free competitions?
Hard-to-lift instruments
Eniwetok event
Composer Alban
Rock song that leaves you clear-headed?
99's pal
Tourist attraction, often
Soothing TV game show?
Hanoi holiday
Headache-free societies
No-pain novelist?
"Sweet as apple cider" girl
Low points
Don't forget (to)
Tea and Sympathy stars
"Let's shake on it!"
"Peace ___ hand"
Gift-giver's urging
French pronoun
Ill-comforted one
Hardly any
Door doohickey
Had a club at the club?
Jazz style (original name)
Bowed segment
Climber's spike
Cluster of flowers
Roscoe of Cimarron
Light again
Instrument heard at the start of J. Arthur Rank films
Villa ally, once
"___ that happen?"
Atmosphere prefix
Central Israel seaport
William Tell's canton
Idea for Richard Simmons
Singer Shannon
Aussie capital
___ oneself (took advantage)
Reduces, as pain
First U.N. chief
On duty
Saudi king crowned in 1982
Hotheaded Sicilian?
Kmart chopper?
Actor Novello
Mr. Bumble?
Plop preceder
Denmark city
Le dernier ___