Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (November 12th 2017) clues of Classic Crossword by Merl Reagle crossword.

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More inclined to listen at doors
Semester tester
Area of San Francisco, ___ Valley
Go downhill
It "blows up real good"
English elle
Fuente output
Dental floss, for one
Dire situation
1961 monster movie
Card table stake
Russian city
Disposes of evidence, perhaps
Dangling carrots, perhaps
Russian river
McCartney's McCartney album, e.g.
Butter ingredient
Like ___ not
Of bees
Ostentatious display
Landlord's dictum
Beat at a meet
Two-word threat
Like fresh bread, perhaps
Namesakes of Alphonse's friend
"We'll see 'em ___ first" (King Lear)
Luther and Sleuth, e.g.
Civil War general
The Tin Drum author
Follower of "a la"
Sophocles opus
Campsite invader
Home away from home, at times
Insect appendages
Ty Cobb and Al Kaline
Post-jogging sounds
Kitchen whistler
Senator Kefauver
Goldfinger portrayer
Ed's mouse
Clinton Cabinet member
Up ___ (100 per cent)
Israel's foreign minister, 1977-79
Surprise of a sort
Ran after
Connie in The Godfather
Crucial situation, in tennis
Grafted, in heraldry
Huffings and puffings
Place for an ace
Sartre play, No ___
Raze, with "down"
Moonwalker Eugene
Snobs put them on
Birthday that's still ten years too early for Willard Scott to notice you
"Did I tell you?"
City on the Rhone
Embattled Balkans
Certain notes
Thermos top, often
A Rocky or a Star Trek
Jack's home
Less-than-sterling grade
God, to Gaius
Junior Walker's instrument
Restaurant sign, "___ Joe's"
Waterproof cover
Collide with
Burkina Faso, before
Puzzle man Rubik
Lycidas, for one
Adherent's suffix
Oliver North's superior, once
Travel like Magellan
Navigator's place
Bee's concern
Put the kibosh on
Becomes aware of
Rachmaninoff work
River into Donegal Bay
Bemused looks
Smug ones
First word in a carol
Brit. letter carrier's stop
More, to Moreno
Common contraction
West African river
Crude vehicles
Comic strip exclamation
Island off the Malay Peninsula
"Aromatic" boats
Phonograph part
Without medical care
Anoints anew
Type of painting
Tennyson poem
Down-home side dish
Used a prie-dieu
Hold firmly
San Antonio Peak, formerly
Night times, in ads
Black hair, brown eyes, etc.
Poison indicators
Icer's need
Dave Garroway's Today show signoff
Mushroom variety
What's My Line? regular
John Lennon book, ___ in the Works
He played the villain in Die Hard With a Vengeance
Word in a Fugard title
The quicker waker-upper
His day is April 25
Scottish town
Stats, often: abbr.
The Newt Network?
Coop group
Hungarian dog
The Tenant director
Playful fish-eater