Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (October 7th 2018) clues of Classic Crossword by Merl Reagle crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 148 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Knute Rockne portrayer
Whom Festus or Chester would pester
Science org.
Mortar masher
Part of RSVP
Andy's aunt
Lays out
Steiger or Stewart
Caddie's gadget
Comparative ending
Shade tree
Thou, squared
Nobel-winning physiologist Meyerhof
Member of Cong.
A Different World star
Surprise-ending specialist
Slang for a $100 bill
Easy ___ (elementary)
"___ little late for that"
87 Across, shuffled
The Y, e.g.
Celebrity lives, after their bios?
Mitt misses
Carry (out), as justice
"I hate ___!" (employee's plaint)
Show spunk
Maestro Jones of car-horn, pot-lid fame
Dog owner's order
Nap spots
Prying types
Model or puzzle
Type of carpet
22 Across, shuffled
"There but for the grace of God ___"
Name mentioned in Lennon's "Come Together"
Overdue for ___ (underpaid)
Fleeing the MPs
Goal of a verb's action: abbr.
Greek letters
That, in Tijuana
Moral writer
Abbr. in ages
Christie's "Express" train
124 Across, shuffled
"___ and yet so far"
Scenery chewers
Michael Jackson album
"Bette Davis Eyes" singer
Roman Holiday Oscar nominee
Familia guy
122 Across, shuffled
Gather up, as a flag or sail
Curiouser and curiouser?
Grammy-grabbing guitarist
Top exec
They're trait-laced
Gen. Robt. ___
Actress in The Bad News Bears
Lesley Gore's "___ Party"
The ___ the iceberg
Gulf off Somalia
"What do ___ now, Mr. Know-It-All?"
Daffy or goofy
Auto pioneer
Mad, in Marseilles
Twice XXX, minus VII
With flot, a Russian airline
Train jumper
Summer in D.C.: abbr.
To Europe
___ tai (cocktail)
Person in the pool
Grille covers
Voice, as a grievance
20 Across, shuffled
1983 taxi movie starring Mr. T
Have ___ many (overdo it)
Part of SHAEF
School misfits
Actress Charlotte
Shapiro of NPR
Secy.'s calendar listing
Put ___ (ask)
Greenspan's group, the ___
Yvette's evening
"Don't you have ___ to go to?"
Noun ending
Al's rube
Plant woe
Calf-length skirt
Quaid-Gossett sci-fi film of 1985
Eastwood in Rawhide
Part of EOM
Eminent follower?
Farmer's ears
Like "go," as a verb: abbr.
Test for jrs.
Jumps when scared, e.g.
Carol Burnett Show regular
___ profundo
In a faint
Do what Dillinger did
46 Across, shuffled
Clarke who received Cagney's grapefruit facial
The mark of Frankenstein
Carnaval city
Playskool product
Wading birds
Get to the ___ the problem
Take to court
Bucolic parents
42 Down, shuffled
Elephant obstacles of 218 B.C.
Violin virtuoso
Playing with a full deck
Compass heading, in Cancun
Make a Top Ten list
He played Laverne's dad
Make do?
44 Down, shuffled
Sacred picture
Sun ___-sen
Earthquake hotlines?
Anatomical entrances
Snake, at times
Philomela's sister, turned into a swallow
Hovering bird
Topped tortes
"Sorry, out of the question"
Arabian Sea nation
Beam of light