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Rose stabilizer
Raise or elevate, old-style
Very flexible
Ferocious sound
Diplomats have it
Some female deer
Not suitable
Fashionable Christian
VHS and cassette
Thing enjoyed in Wisconsin
Things on office folders
Galahad and Mix-A-Lot
Thing to lie in a long time
Mug filler, big-time
Schoolmaster's rod
Mayberry man
Words with "the ground floor"
Pass by, as time
"Faster, driver, faster!"
Lay asphalt
Italian volcano
Crime with lighting?
Conceit source
Oily grp.
Office helper
Confirmed, as a date
Slightly open
Some fairy tale villains
Officially record an arrival
Indian tourist spot
Max the painter/sculptor
One side of a page
Mechanical catch
Rhymer at a coffeehouse
Fill a flat?
Go all-in?
Finer anagram
Fishing platform
Wrench variety
Paid player
Forbidden perfume
Calm as can be
Grocery shopper's path
Instant member of the family
Eliminate from a board
"August: ___ County"
"Gosh!" kin
Barbecue treat
Show to seats
Source of water around a well?
One who is easy to predict
"... him an inch, ___ take a mile"
Flower part
Nuevo ___ (Mexico)
"... ___ he drove out of sight ..."
Home plate cover
Catcher in the Rhone?
Shaking awake
Is inquisitive
Like the devil
Satyr relatives
Lost package inquiry
"Hands off," editorially
Character in "Goldfinger"
Sequel number
Exhausted to death
Place for wrestling events
It covers you
Act that's appreciated
Marked by ease
Sailing the briny
Deplete (with "up")
Loudness unit
Greek letter
Parker who was packing
Some male dolls

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