Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (May 6th 2018) clues of Crusader crossword.

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Cold deserter with hesitation revealing cavity
A dolt turning up cold
In East Sussex town, large miserable dwelling
Decline to take litter
Fellow, British, with smoker’s device
Sweet kid finally left Eastern pool
I seem most confused occasionally
Pole originally upset about attitude
Feature about one racket
Muscle shown by cold European during outings
Scandinavian, about 100, with ball
Plain vessel making us upset
A small Conservative wound up, having climbed
Means of evading a rule in pool, possibly - an unpleasant place
Outgoing former partner, teetotal, welcoming wanderer
Think about reasons against one meeting the German
Shirkers, 5, interrupting people on the slopes
Nobleman not having finished with publicity for object deadening noise
Make every possible effort to get beloved son steel, possibly
Mischievous child with Spanish article was first to be forced into action
Guide ruining trees
Latvian with broken cue getting salad ingredient
Vessel – one’s retained by quiet European
Ring when one’s in desert’s fertile spot
Port from hot new bar belonging to us
Strange blokes next to backstreet finding bits and pieces
Film about the French chaps finding gold, e.g
Nice cosmetics Ed distributed for school lesson
Workroom for artist with stallion, 10
Job taken by quiet one, put off