Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 14th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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One bent on drinking?
Official making love in some secret little place
One providing dad with money?
Lived in swashbuckling times
In certain ways, being behind bucks one up!
Mix and concrete in order to build
He's smart, leaving the scene of operations
Weak, taking a note between two points
Nominally, I'm less than cogent
Where to send a letter to Uncle Sam
Come out of your shell, ducky!
Spring pay increase?
Classic monster re-created by Hardy?
Discretion when trouble starts at the tractor centre
They possibly pass as patsies
Pretend to move?
Miserable footway at the end of the street, I see
Objective for Jack to achieve
Did one's best to point dirt out, possibly
Cold one containing ice-cream?
Real gentleman?
A drink on the side
It means little when we finish late
A beast to tolerate
Hare around, we learn
Understanding supporters?
In this state, a number cannot get the whole way!
Call someone mean, perhaps?
A politician's current abbreviation
In the past, central Athens
The money Monica shiftily concealed
A drop in the rate, maybe
Street light out of its proper place?
Shocked to find, at some stage, so much haste?
Does he work on notepaper?
Wildly chants a fragment of melody
Rancour when a pest somehow gets out of line?
One could mount it with saintly mien
Act up again
Player's current high place
Has its place in the home
Sensible figures at any time
One joins them in song
Have such recruits never been to the cookhouse?