Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 3rd 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Be burdensome in the way mentioned
Drinks for the workers around central Hammersmith
Tangle Victor in a real mess
A name in faith healing
To shatter central targets is terrific!
Be prominent in crime
One planet in seven, usually
Eskimo name?
Quieten down when suitably seated
Game in which a girl holds a bat awkwardly
To make a lot out of nothing is a bad thing to do
It's shut up on many a morning
Relatives in hospital
Significantly, it sounds like a cymbal
What you might make on a good day?
Joyride around a European country
Snake in devilish guise
He could take a break from his job
A couple of outworkers
Did the business
A gun part?
To the listener, some lyrics are old-fashioned
He gets athletes to start and finish races!
A game little creature
Wyatt's name for a variety of pear
Light-hearted composer, nevertheless stony
Having caught out half the team, is unpopular
Prove the crazy brute wrong!
High priest in Heligoland
Something to chew and cook, but you don't want it in your mouth
Outfit selected from stock items
Are they hard to hit on the head?
Apparently goes southeast to the river
Slip along with a lively list for the lady
It's clear a girl has to go without nothing!
Neither mother shares her name
Not the straightforward type, as I'm supposed to be
Moonlight music?
You haven't only one, dear heart
Belgian part of Hungary, presumably
It's religiously read
A striking innings
Close down a seaside rail terminus
Being a beast, we go back east