Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 4th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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There's money in women's underwear, son
Wide boys who quietly figure among the saints?
Carrier of a letter from a courtier
Spanish style of dome?
Sort of woman to lose out on love?
There's a new one across the ocean
See in order to rescind
Pop back again
Roguish as a bishop could be?
Wildly I curse the chance of getting seasick
Removes an article from the stairs
Player of a part in rotation
To flunk upsets Alfie no end!
I do so playfully
Has she to be in front of another girl?
There's little in a dismal life
Once highly decorated island
Last portion of fish - a small piece
Where more than one man could appear in an operatic part
A chap to try out with hesitation?
Look embarrassed when the president gets out of a corner
Did he finish a picture with black, being French?
Spoil a drink
He's always on key for vocal music
A giant among the stars
Men of vision holding £50 for the vendors
Goad for a dunderhead
Figure to fiddle seats for the matches
Put down as a Western ceremony
A game involving sets
Alarming vehicle in outer Surrey
Restful letter to a Russian
The Handel largo is too much for her
Basket with a hole in it
In brief, all girl
Dope can make a difference to a pie!
Suitable to a child of either sex
How ladies can set high standards
Wounded, show some of what you're made of
One of those seen on a striking occasion?
Could one mislead the FBI?