Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 7th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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The least little job makes the workers sour
Pleasant and willing
Is it fun for it getting up early?
Best be off to get bread and to stretch my legs
Case packed, is ready for breakfast
Attended to in hospital again, having left the war zone
Now and again comes back as compere
It’s cold, father - ice in the crack
Mean it’s not, indeed, left unfinished
Little terror of a cricketer bagging a run
Given to the new lad to carry, you find
Made out to have been forced to leave
Do they tell the dairy farmer bad weather is approaching?
Catch on, from the sound
Can get through to us from the zoo
Is useless at brainstorming sessions, but doesn’t realise it
He’s competing against, in something to do with money
Was he surprised by his pistol’s going off?
News just come through on the pupil taking an exam
Crack shot
And more worried when mother gets hold of the notes
Kid in a foreign country with a bouquet
Smart role-casting in “Peppery”
As a rule, is it spoken?
On the film credits, what the undernamed provided?
Many, indeed, that have remained secret
Great excitement when the pail’s poured in the can
Brochure for a potential buyer - American
Went on to add a grass border
Went out on the town with the famous
That’s a blow, darn it!
For a quarter to five, arranged a cine show
Served up, too
Start your day as a shoeblack?
Very small and twinkling
And yet indistinguishable one from the other
Fulminating against the below in an article
Note, you say, it’s a female
The entire contents of the packet?
The foreign aunt is in trouble
Broke and was bound up
Notices they’re not using the fax machines
Climb up getting, at one point, quite hot
Leave no money to - a blow all round