Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 12th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Norfolk's secondary highways?
Deserving of praise (or a peerage?)
A gloomy little room can be depressing
In fact, an essay about an upper-class Labour leader
Elegant fellows who started flying on operations
The gardener may need a new shoe!
Maybe spent £1 on a politician
Call for something such as a book-end
Born at the back of beyond, in poverty
Spot a key agent
Determined to tear around making a constant charge
Sound a cracked note
A player of popular appeal
Talk of breaking up some gang
One card or three
Get upset, being four-fifths wrong!
It's a lot of money, darling
Get through to everyone at the far end
Render armless
Piece of news the shooting victim may have
A refreshing little place (in France?)
As woven in Pitlochry?
Turn into a messy mush, as a soil constituent
She provides a happy ending for a young chap
Twigs handled in the garden
Chances of being linked with ends?
Smart, like a frock?
Seem a very quiet listener
Nonsense from one's betrothed
Historic linen weaver
He bows and scrapes, but isn't really honest
Shelter from undesirable exposure
Copy from a cheap edition
There's no longer a tree to be found in the city
New gates to put on for show
Something like pea-soup?
He's ratty when interrupted by a teetotaller
Gauguin made a success in it somehow
A professional person has to act with a cool head
Hero who started bowling with a broken arm!
Their buoyancy is supportive
Endless hewing can make us moan!
To give hundreds back is silly
The part of a hero, leader, etc.