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Tried to manoeuvre the silly ass into it; a big mistake
“It will burn you if you’re not careful, child,” you say
Find out it’s permissible to point
He adds fuel to the flames, all right, in the rest-break
Was the really good cleaner one had searched for?
Looks the other way, too
Shed one left unobtrusively
Told, hurried back and scolded
Dote on the child; that is her trouble
See what’s worth stealing in the bag
Stupid to be moving us into it
Got engaged a long time ago
And in small ways still holds good
Table turning is showing a rise
Say you’ll see?
A mite in a cot rocked by the father
Notes to remind you of your student days
Will be rotten weather for the French
Bet on and it will be slow!
The girl has Silas beaten by one point
Curl up again, shy
Having little to say for ourselves
Would have it from the first that Denis was wrong about
Beat with a rod
Support at home again
Hors d’oeuvres produced by the kitchen novices?
Don’t stop on finding the person’s out
Admitting you took that money
Offer support to a beginner
Is unfolding the folding seat to have a rest
But the actor’s performance as the ghost shouldn’t be!
“Put it away,” you say derisively
First back to the left a bit
In the region of, when there’s a fight
The tools we lost had fallen right inside
Pressing on with the removal of the upstairs furniture?
Liking to entertain I shop, going out with a list
Be quite useless, but be totally unaware of the fact
Deliver the pie to?
It’s no good without a luggage compartment
Firm, I here break in to say a final word
An incentive to private transport? Nonsense!
So there will be sun - nice out
Hence given a repeat though not very good