Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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A bounder in court?
A knotty old dear
It's smart to suggest the southwest is the centre of fashion
Plagiarise tales?
The money Charlie has changed
Supporter not actually backing you up
We edit it out as something unwanted
Wanted partly to atone for a bad deed
Organic flower fertiliser
Dried leaves
It rotates, forming loops
She's no serious revolutionary
Exclude the big-headed one
Subscription raised for a people carrier
Figure to turn left and see an imagined planet
Are staggering around the street making a bloomer
Come out in the garden, friend!
Walk most of the way back, as a rule
Prefer a boundary around a civic centre
Grassy part of an arable area
To start riding something very high is dodgy
Listeners, having started young, have plenty of time
Put up with being a strap-hanger
Leave with uncle
Have such dancers twice the energy?
Broadcasting music out of love?
Warning that comes with a new coat
Does he start batting cannily?
One's own little drug-store
Low, initially depressed state of mind
He's on record as providing service
Paper boy?
Be good at getting something for nothing?
Where to egg the Surrey team on
Praise a youth about to start up
Unending advice not to jump about so much
Occupied with being generous?
Rave about a red-headed six-footer?
Father figure nowadays
Work group given some reward by the company head
There are black pupils in them
Provided money for one to be in a home
Having a bit of grub to eat is fine
They may intercede between friends and countrymen