Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 17th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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It's eaten with some salt and a piece of bread
Cut up, making many a nice mess
She serves to relieve one's thirst
Ask to go in front after a poor start
Not all wild allegations are lawful!
Female looking foxy in the FA
Apt clue, perhaps, for a Shakespeare character
Like flying arrows?
They seem singularly agreeable!
It's said in making appeals
Send a taxi half a mile
It's good to go to this redeveloped place outside Crouch End
The filly I'm backing again
He and Al make a meaty combination
Figures out the wrong date for a building
Westerner's hard heart
Scotland's contribution to 'Allo 'Allo
Went back to sea
Show in which Calvin takes an amusing part
Wat a rebel!
Make refreshingly colourful
To give relief around the first of December is too long to wait
You can count on it
Can't he add right?
Clever in a hurtful way?
For a drink, it's less than a mile to the valley
You can think of one as near perfect
Worries about a false start in a chase, perhaps
Wild, irrational fear at the rail terminus
Dismiss a batsman for 22 maybe
Step on it!
Eager to weave braid
Lived up to a bad name!
Clear the flat
Fabulous equestrian with six limbs!
Has this street real potential in the outskirts of Henley?
A rock to ramble round?
There's only me to depend on
White, seen in whites
But does it pretend to be the total?
The listener notes the rousing start