Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 1st 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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The sun fish is tailless
It's humiliating to be ordered to alight
Pull a number backwards and forwards
She's knocking drink back at "The Galloping Nag"
He's coming down - for the day!
Nonsense! It's almost too quiet!
A slight shake of the head in it will reveal something
Pretend to be in front? How could you!
Means to get the daughter into tennis-playing
Bringing the guns back, he hopes to make a quick profit
I met the crooked Denis in prison
Acknowledging one was wrong to have taken the seat?
Concealed inside, the bird did damage
It would be prudent to read the letters aloud
Cocktail ingredients
Making speed from the stronghold
Only second-hand goods, but we're used to that
The front and the base
Cold, in a Gallic sort of way
It takes an hour one way - truly
It's sheer nonsense taking time off
I say! Look!
Don't notice that you can see from above
Find out how many employees there are and how they're voting
Said it's an irritation: the vet can treat it
Added up to, when one had carried the whole lot inside
Acting the part of the Western traveller?
Feminine lingerie - for the junior miss
Not many between three and six
Twig it's not your own hair
Supposed to have been overbold
Hours at work that go very quickly
The reactionary I'd heard about
Signs of parasites
Environment in which one's working as a hairdresser
How you got both rattled quickly?
You're soon going to get fed up hearing it
The blue area on the weather map?
Can I run into trouble working?
Increase, breaking the hinge
Isn't prepared to invest the lot, anyhow, in an English export
To begin with, mother has to provide food
It would be simple to put one in the hub
Backing, put a pound on for her