Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 20th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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A lot to pack, moving home’s horrible
Kept talking, to fluster the fellow
Shot in rotation
Panic when the key hidden in it is hard to find
Fight and when Lew is groggy the interval intervenes
Obsess you before you take up residence in
Proved to have been switched off
How the well-known restaurant said “Full”
A large snake found in the garden shed?
A branch or part of the trunk
Smart to conceal the wad of notes if you’re walking
Break down completely and the daughter is having mental treatment
Play the high-flier
An outlaw gang, it is
There’s no telling if you can manage to keep them
The steak is so under cooked, to start with
A brilliant game
A silly tune, but after the gunplay it’s soothing
Decision about the lining?
He’s to retire, starting tomorrow
The animals are running, gosh, to the bushes!
Having rescued, brought home to one
Pops back to the home in a state of great excitement
If it’s successful, you may have to part again!
Deduce, as you wind it up
Almost a quarter premature
Stopped for a stop-light the others went through
Terrible waste; a free dress and she wears uniform
It’s not the same when let out, the jacket, dear, is spoiled
No good as a drum, or second to none!
The same day, it gets to
A clot to mix black in with the blue
For the record, what you saw after you fell
Informed to have been among those shot
It’s lucky her son’s wearing the kilt!
In a class of one’s own?
Also forming part of the supplement
A girl’s name in Morse code?
About first gear, make one feel very unhappy
Without a word about the network - foolish
I dress to go out and get the prescribed medication
Penetrated that one had enrolled in
Goaded one, popping in a terribly rude note
When up, getting the boys some things to eat