Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 21st 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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With the very soft pencil lead about to break, don't work too hard!
Praiseworthy, suggestedly fit for a peerage?
A man keeping Zoe short - that dangerous woman!
Read music
Beat at golf, possibly?
He's out of work, but don't despair!
It's in different ways that they're cleverly amusing
West of Florida, perhaps, you'll find the solution
French dwarf, maybe?
Though old, managed without a servant
Bloomer in an auto race
Nominally, she may seem to have dropped an H
Crazy, yet possibly having a motive
Such a lot is no fortune!
Mariner's means of preservation
One given a bashing at the cookhouse?
Refuse hidden in the garden, you know
Water, but there's a certain amount of wine on the way
Bobby's letter to the aforesaid robber
Something put on (to cover a fiddle?)
Irving's city?
Wash one hand?
Provide the money to accommodate someone
She's superior to many a layabout!
Administered a transaction before finishing breakfast
Boastful game?
Seemed legitimate in collecting the dole
A number of picturesque pieces
Progressive help in swotting up?
When a wild bear has a dizzy head, keep out!
At last a friend gets a portion of fish!
One points out that's it's pale
He, shaken, maybe has to lose!
At times, only part of a rubber?
In a wild chase, it will get you nowhere!
Spiteful woman's wrongful act
Drink nothing when there's a teetotaller around!
During a sale, put in an order for a stripper
A bighead takes a French one, to eat
Name just one heavyweight
A half pint's plenty for the captain!
Tends to adjust for damage
Timber port?
Indeed, Susan's about right!