Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 26th 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Mother's interrupted by a bighead - the snake!
Try a test another way
Under water, it takes a month to work!
Eject that drunkard out of the house!
Make a splash with her in the river
Like an owlish lion?
America's road to liberation?
A drink in the local, especially
Being metal, it conducts electricity
It's useful for pouring fuel out, apparently
Watchful for a later change
As a dairy product, you can pack it up
Tasteful little figures
The Dawkins family?
An expression of congratulation to a smart individual
It's often replaced on sporting grounds
By Robin, is it modern music?
Projected productions
Regular pay for a place to stay
Alloy used for farthings, one imagines
The silly fellows may go to Canada!
A support sailors may like to get
Kicked Edward with a loud cry
Current West End performance
To time without delay
It will eventually happen that an act gets banned
Grey, but still able to have a fling?
In a story, it's no good to confuse things
Having four legs, may be apt to give a bleat
The sheep a fathead has to make secure?
Consumed in great enthusiasm
A New Zealand figure in an Italian resort
She makes a change from Elsie
Natural product; you can make "fur" with it
Hopes to take a donkey round the pier, perhaps
In letting the herd stray around, cause obstruction
In feel, perhaps, suggestive of a cat
They guard treasures, yet possess no gems
It's somewhat circular, like a ring in the nose
Goes down with many a subscription
In bad visibility, note the footballer's error