Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 26th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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To cheat can involve bowing and scraping!
A cleaner fuel used by artists
About to act or play the ham
Also called a torn sail
Schoolgirl in company with a boy
Conceal handily
Ruins something heavenly
Girl to form an attachment with?
Women can buy them in zebra stripes
Rush at a mad rate
In a new label, Bach composition for playing at the seaside
Dear addressees?
Is it bad down there?
Work during play?
Duck into bed with a bird
It moves when you chu your chow
A cat to make any fellow cross
Weight in carats, perhaps?
Tales of a lax sloven
Physical activity, but it can be bookish
Our earthly one is not mercurial
It could cause you to finish up with a nasty scar
A growing boy
Winners of a complicated case
On which a crazy fool has a right to lie?
Act up again
No snake on board but a large viper!
Do they use staves for matchwood?
He figures to tour central Spain
Is it forever changing to red?
See a wooden container as a place for money
Master Charlie's raincoat
Canine chum?
He could give a tail-ender a scar
Choose from a limited selection
The biting part?
Take a knock
Academy for young swimmers?
Get the girl?
Attack on a clique or faction
Escape with a sprained ankle?
Not so dusty
Stingy fellow hiding a cigarette end
Old toiler who could never quite turn up fresh