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How the ruler is completely the monarch?
As soon as it’s finished - the examination, that is
It’s awful having to contend with Latin in it
He’s painting in the symbols on the cards
Lack of bees can create it
Had hallucinations, as carpenters tend to do
Seem to force the chaps into getting souvenirs
Loaded, but not allowed to go off
Understanding you’ll pay for it the year after
Study for a medical examination
The cradle of the deep?
Took one’s place, which made one feel better
Made a mess of it and scarpered!
Stopped and had foolishly let board
Meantime, the better half has a mini runabout
He’s taking on in a fight that’s to do with money!
Even in the next world?
It comes back to profits
Just plain contrary!
She’s a house painter
Dare I order a drink for the dog?
With “It doesn’t matter,” are always unperturbed by
Dishes out a lob as the first ball?
“The chap came to grief, how?” asked the cockney
In the end I contrived to catch the bird and caged it
Pants only to get non-thirst-quenching drinks
Soup and ice-cream mom’s tucked into
What the horse’s bit is made of?
Agree scent should be sprayed on the lining
Shed in which the cat trapped the insect
As an exterior, dear, it’s rustic
Does it stop in the stable?
Stop to put the string into the box
The girl is standing up for him
When lucid, exonerate
At ten a.m. packed and left, mad
With a biscuit and a drink, photograph
Arm with a stick
So be going walkies with a dog, in the dark
Deliver to, from the patisserie
I can’t move: I have become sluggish
It’s a road, small and winding, on the outskirts, ducks!
Was a trainee, but as a beginner, was paid
The twin packed it in, the fool!
Having a meal outside the quaint inn, enjoy it
For playing, the little girl has a woolly lion