Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 28th 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Very nice new purse and a bottle opener
Traverse part of London with a weapon
A tasteful colour
Groups involved in riots
He's no peasant!
A ripping thing to do when you're in a hurry
Be short, like a sickly cat's tail
Animal engaged in eating nuts
One gets only half a dollar, that's the figure
Whence, abroad, to return in complaisance
One person offering a similar view to another
It tastes as good as new!
Old king or noted military leader
Being transient, it starts fading
Help someone in a bad way
A bit of business returning on the Met line
Years in a stage success
Possibly pines for a bird
N. American Indian staying with uncle?
Being exhausted, fished out a bit of wine
Not necessarily brownish attire
His Lady was of the Lake
Her little boy's a bit of a liar, it seems!
Lives a double life as a goddess
Now so flustered and faint!
A pet soil conditioner?
Where the Canadians are possibly out of booze?
Sell the last of the claret in the bar
Travelling seller of spare parts
Giant collection of stars
Wherein kings and queens join a friend for cards?
Chinese, you may think, but it's Western all right!
Give up in Scotland, so to speak
A little girl takes a long time to get in hers!
Hank's geese?
Cover of a glider cockpit
Area of land, as in France
Wail distractedly to mother, somewhere in Africa
Go very softly around the Oriental quarter
By holding a payment back, is strong
Very close to the right rhyme
Repairs many objects
She contributes to a suburban newspaper
Pass over a container