Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 29th 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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After playing with the gun outside, having a ball
"Get me", you say "water"
Will come after, you understand
An eagle injured and without a tail, female
In "The White Inn", retracted the story
Want half of mine to go to the boy
Tough luck, getting the money with the curse attached to it?
The material about me is a gross fabrication
The argument against, try to dispute
Proceed to arrest
Agree and a small double, neat, is poured out
A rest one can, in all honesty, enjoy
Goes by the mountain roads
Caught one having an ice-cream
Quite improper, old boy! An unseemly display
Lazy with a laziness that's not just skin-deep?
It's put on to hide a tear, it seems
With a flap, it's cooler
Wind, haze and rain at the beginning and end of April
The cold one, indeed, foolishly caught will clinch it
A preparation that's liquid, for a change, not oil
Not the cockney gentleman with the fish
Won't appear in the nude turn, which is unusual
Be responsible for, when you turn the ship round
Covering the patient
The matters to be spoken of are the romances
Quickly grabs, coming back, a cat nap in it
Result of crossing a vegetable with an insect?
For dessert have something nice-smelling with alcohol in it
Her leg was broken and had to be set
Having had the van watched, had anticipated it
A name that might suit you
One's state of health and suitability
It's sharp - no no, not the musical instrument!
Speaking French un petit peu
The favourite, when in form
Are you going to pay up? I won't ask you again!
Is the fly deceived by it?
The assumption is now the potion has been mixed
Pressed on, fed up now, roving
Give a hand to Paul, moving into the new pad
Are turning the switch on when the insect appears
After thirty, she's finished!
Delighted to say it's money