Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 30th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Terribly vain fellow?
Army officer in the Colditz story
In figures, it's possible to cheat, even
Masterly unknown character, is he?
The insouciant way in which Algy gets out of line
A lot to pay for chops at the West End
Provide generous cover for distracted mothers
Reveals how to get into Sunday school
Uncle Tom's place
More descriptive of London?
What the poilu has to put on his hair
Explosive piece of journalism
Tool used in getting a gauge recalibrated
Abuts in a way that is unusual, but instrumental
Figure a companion to be a swimmer
In bed, perhaps, resented and sent out
Drink, little one
A growing boy in a car!
Big prize a sailor has to shoot for
Aimed to reorganise means of communication
Plant a bit of privet in front of the church
Dusty, untidy room?
Pet pugilist?
Applies to what was formerly in reserve
It's said, out west, to be in the east
A high-sounding word for "hurry"
Does it take a good man to live in one?
Was of service, but showed no haste
Anger relatable to race
Stick some of the guests round the corner!
Old-fashioned fop helping the helmsman with his hair
Not as a version for piano, perhaps
Of Irish butter?
A black time for the champion, we hear
Poisonous creature causing mother to hide the bottle opener
A deliverer with bottle
Medico from Indochina
Go round to hold in a broken rib!
Bad time going round the East Central area
What a heavyweight may be in a match
Struggle to find the right rhyme
Socially, to have a warm place for a toff?
One wrecked in departing?