Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 3rd 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Word used in making a big arrest?
Quietly stood up for plain English
His useless house is short of rations!
Pick up a good story
Make available only a possibility
On which to play if led astray?
Troop in to collect a share
It can save you walking from Shepherd's Bush
Girl in a Fair Isle sweater
In art, there's room to be passionate
Not typically classical, though maybe traditional in style
Enough to keep the viewer completely occupied
An encouraging bird?
A Richard Addinsell piece mum may be fond of
On paper, pointedly indicated
Chop up, making many a nice mess
Shooting at flying saucers?
Margins of wedge-shaped objects
A number of ways to cut a corner
Exclude Debra for being out of order
A certain amount of latent heat
How strange that he's always short of a win!
Drinks in the cinema?
Shoot up to the highest position
Hard work in a Dickensian role
Punish Roy, perhaps, for going to the ball
The way to break a rod
The historic military commander never quite fired a gun
Like a point of interest in optics
Being soft on Enid, perhaps, was moody
Displeased at being a single pound in the red
Beneath the elbow maybe
Put up with having no seat
The main colour when there's a bit of a haze on the river
Did the ancient Romans swear by him?
21 and 22 Dandy American abstract drawing
See "21"
Good evidence of impact around the city area
Pretended to arrange a date around mid-Oct.
Spanish-style table in Rome, say
Consume a greatly-reduced amount?