Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 4th 2016) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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One place where the last word happens to be first!
You can see the artist in him!
Drink to my success in a card game
Ginger boy?
Article in a vehicle, of little weight
Titanic object only partly visible
Allude to the right to get free, possibly
What a cackling female may do
How you can get a piece of cake
Did one tempt Eve to unwrap a present?
Listen to the chap who has a warm heart
Jumper for which there may be a market
Bigwig's name for a stand-in
Like steamy stuff of which to hesitate to take a bit of notice?
He always has a kiss for mum
Fearful state induced by a deity, I see
Half wild, ruggedly stern, they're usually cold
It's wrong, maybe, to put the cat out of the room
Charger, perhaps, but no horse
The underground, in Paris, gives me a bit of trouble
No Edwardian is very well known
Going round Land's End, you can get near this forest
Hazel's charming associate
He'll risk a stroll within the confines of Gibraltar
A haul the hunter may be after?
Mountainous art-form for an academician
Let us free to make musical instruments
Drive roughly a mile out, where there's parking
Fishy source of venison?
Like an esoteric cry by the wild Pict
"The Archers", it seems. has at least one listener!
She and I left to fly out
Where, in Cumbria, a lady has to turn to the right
Object to mice roaming in the locality
Mostly female animals
Where the hairdresser took Sarah on
It takes a wily fellow to run a dance
The nominal winner
Managed a bit of fun for certain soldiers
The bird flew out one day
Something headily beautiful
Ready to fight for a fanciful dream
Communication of some length
Consume the greater part