Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 4th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Was inclined to have told lies about a saint
The dog sat between two men
Is it no good to eat?
Just the character to kit out key servicemen
The searchers include a soldier
When some water is spilt, you can't drink!
A pretty rhyme, very amusing
The early bird?
Food spoilt, alas, by many
As paid to a person in extremes of misery?
Navigator's tragic end on a wrecked boat
Punish by putting the ringleader in a shack!
Is he saintly? Yes, if only on Monday!
Big-headed American coach
Point to a figure there's a slim chance of reducing?
Forcible business man
Lincoln is at the back of beyond, in a restful place
Loud, unruly, yet without fault
Best time to work dye into dried grass
Seemed good, dishing the dole out!
Presidential adviser concerning the heat in the kitchen
It's silly going back to the end of the road
Where to drive a decent distance
Yearn to tango a lot
Coventry's gateway?
Pulled right into the water
A suitable outburst
One is surrounded by numbers of detectives
In there, you can find a source of oblivion
Roman territorial unit?
Girl's name for a no-good, that is
Initially rude name to make you cry
Tail a pig is allowed when young
One entered by a chap with difficulty?
Machine part that's good for business
A bit lonely, given a hug in a big way
No stranger
Undersized sort of shirt causing irritation?
Quick way to get fit, perhaps
A king among the Anglo-Saxons?
He may well be suspended
Pat's money?