Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 5th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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They're driven home by twisters
Under a bridge, the wrong road home?
Forest sound on an old record
Otherwise called a sail?
Chap getting out of a manhole?
Kind of cat to make a fellow cross?
Burning spirit
Favourite trumpet piece
It's wet at Oxford
In one's vintage days?
Kept in a glass case, so to speak!
Tom East's book
Each way, there's no trouble
He brings a bit of joy to a redhead
Headless spear with a tapering shape
Lids slipped out of position
Two-way air traveller?
Declare a saintly brew of tea!
Aliens can provide a salty solution
Publication that invites imitation
See the obvious, though it's not meant to be seen
Each new motorway starts near Sutton!
Bad stain in fabric
Weapon involving terrible risk?
Vilify me in a sarcastic piece
Fully ready to rebuild the pier
Pallid little man, but in demand
Appeals for quiet hints
Palladium's youth centre
It's accepted to bring order to a cricket team
Damsel I possibly cause to go astray
If turning up on Tuesday, is quite suitable
Go in hope, possibly
Intercede with a new composition for spinet
Is such a star there to be entertained?
Just the sort of hood for a youth?
Are misguidedly upsetting a listener
It's ruddy ripe!
Equipment that leaves one's friends, etc., breathless!
Standing proudly before the court
Formerly capital way to get goals
Couple involved in canasta aboard ship?
At a push, most people could ride one
River to cross with some style, one fancies