Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 6th 2017) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Strain to prevent oneself from
Should have followed them out, I reckoned
The electrical wires provide the clues
Language spoken by the one at the back
It’s clear one is the heart case
It’s no good at all if you cut down on the quantity
The carpenter’s craft!
The one running round is creating a disturbance
Understood it had followed the animal back
Followed one closely while one carried out the repairs
Secured and quickly dispatched the food
Had some, as usual, to OK it
Shuts up the page
Call round at 1.50, which is annoying
In the depression, I go into clothes
The very best kind of sherry?
As directed did leave, bound for the island
Spoil and thoroughly confuse
Scores the tunes
Require that you come and get
Beat up to get money
Alternatively, the man could be shielding the woman
Not felt to be sane?
Flew unexpectedly down and rushed round to court
Household in which only the women remain perennially young?
Chance of success when you try to strike it rich?
Where you didn’t get your early teaching?
Thought me old-fashioned about it
Damaged when struck by a club
Putting an end to by switching itself off
It’s not the sock the hole’s in, lady!
Display a pride that’s unconcealed in the apartment
Someone shooting fish
Be there and don’t let your mind wander
When batting, nervous but great
The boy’s a fool!
Attributing to repression
The rookie gets money to pay the bill
Enormous fellow in swimming trunks on the roller-coaster?
An attempt at concealment when the premium gets raised
Or refurbished the two houses in ornate style
Making itself felt just as you’re taking the stage
Notice the absence of a large book?
Did ma play fair with him?
Worked for three-quarters of a year, then it’s back home
A solitary pupil - one