Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 11th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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The only part of the Trent used by yachtsmen
A hothead without weapons is innocuous!
With a portion of fish, also duck, you have sherry
It's not so hot in the jug
Sneer causing half the side dire distress
In the fire department, it's revolutionary!
Postpone being injudiciously freed
Regretted being rushed, disheartened
Only a crawler would go so slowly
Keep striking for money
Dragged to the altar?
Badly made drink?
The number of oaks in Kent
He's probably American
Title given to a pincer movement
Got over having no bridge
Well and suitably divested of clothing
Discuss when the lecture's finished
German style of feeding trough
It's played with a round ball
Banished, being no longer the one who was in command
That thunderous deity
Hindered one politician with a terrible deed
Just a line, not a complete letter
Sheer chaos somewhere in Surrey
One warning in four is shouted
Being diminutive, he takes up little room
As a salesman, a bit of an entrepreneur
Ideal woman?
Something like skilly, taken as punishment
Inferior, so it could be better
Subdue, making a firm point
A sad fate in Passchendaele
Overheads involved in keeping warm
Young listener's age
Legendary flier?
The horrible Mr Krueger's current form?
Shifty fellow
Pomeranian swimmer named Mark?
A patient task?
Where to cultivate much for many