Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 12th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Egg timer
Legendary loser who got the gold
Old-fashioned and formal about material matters
Bind broken parts
Familiar name for part of a motherboard
No longer the financial centre
A game of pool, possibly
Dry in next to no time
A piece of cake?
Yes, the Italian prison!
Saintly contributor to military history
Resounded in the strangest way
At draughts, he's twice the man he was
Such pay wouldn't be enough for Michael Owen
Completed deliveries
Where to egg on the Surrey team
When a notion can seem heartless
It has a special door (for Johnny?)
Take a more clement view about being on loan
At the rest centre, journalists have nothing but coffee
Whence to arrange tours to Land's End?
Character of the American in rich surroundings
Large African river or middle-sized English one
Temporary fireplace!
Stand a trainee at ease
What' s left is maybe bust
He could have engineered a file out of a piece of ferrous metal
One prepared to work like a horse?
A southern English article
So Ann's going around with an old sailor!
In Belgium or America, a tramp has a name for it
Is it for all-in cooking?
Yes Charlie, that quotation is accurate
Go on past Los Angeles and you'll find it very wet
Talk of a legendary ship lost at last
Toothy talk?
It grows in some parts of Ireland
Maybe the rat took a ride to the theatre!
Old Carthaginian witch?
Showed preference as to whom to give a seat
Figure a London school to make French-style music
The answer, perhaps, is distinctly sour
Being emperor was somewhat onerous
Arks can sail around it, but no motor cars!