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Travelling by train out - isn’t flying
Should be insured, darling
Contracted, which irritated one
Obliged to return something bought at the grocer’s
Claim of the newspapermen suppressing it
Wait to check that mother has got in
On the subject of actors, is dull
Find to have been badly maintained
Leading some back into the garrison
Rip to shreds, sadly
Stops before one gives utterance to
The result of not thinning out - sheer stupidity
Expostulate, or go off, when the pets romp outside
One’s contacts outside for the mutinies
With a bad heart or otherwise, is not staying at home
He’s caught the carp, is prepared to stuff it
A simple silver lining that’s skimpy
Having the impudence to confront
A type of stress
Finds just the extent of the action taken
Had got together, one understood
Said OK, it is a traditional procedure
Skilful as a driver must be on a road in France
Excited, shot into the air
Kid in a foreign country with a bouquet
Does nothing until the exam results come out?
Mark square one
Holds the shellfish I caught
Put away, with the exception of
Trips the twit and the attendants catch him
Teach the others about self-control
A pointer from the boss
Because the pastry in it rises in layers
In addition to being equally fit
A boyfriend in the firm
Having let one in, became chatty
Confirming the removal of, from the house?
He was the first one on to take a look around
At about four, again, there’s a great uproar
There’s flavouring, I notice, inside and outside
Said it’s a foreign veneer
Prepared to encase the man in ice
Island houses
Notice the chaps going in to change
Gems from royal rings are on display outside
Feeling great, travelling on top of a double-decker?

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