Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 2nd 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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A sound note can mean money
Appreciate a turn with some effort
He greatly likes a cash surplus
One who looks, but doesn't sound, a bit of a lout
Here, in Scotland, you have to have some trousers on
What the mind does when a horse appears in trunks?
Is its thin end the western side?
Getting the bird, he finishes crestfallen
Is the back of it over there in bed?
At home, its contents may well be growing
Perform a soft song
Drink from a plastic cup?
Hebe's upset when I have a source of sweetness
To suggest a doctor may be evil is nonsense!
Is she anticipating?
To point misshapen ears out can be wiser
A waterless loch can be the result of drought
Keeps a ship out of a certain river
She'll be back in January
The way to have very little money by the end of the month
Plant suitable for borders
A sighed utterance from an actor?
Mark goes ahead when an officer leads
Not strictly in a brusque manner?
They're pulled on in pairs
Seem unhappy to be a source of illumination?
Attractive individual within the confines of Holloway
Be the boss of some foreigners
Fatheaded blunder in bad weather!
Alice in Wonderland was a draw for him
Clear field?
Put out by merely half done service
He has a familiar name for a little girl
Brook providing drinks outside the church
They get a bashing at the cookhouse
Make a deposit with distress around the end of January
Ways for an article to upset even us!
Sailors find them accommodating
Woman going up the wall?
Smooth stuff a bright boy gets ahead with
She'll always give a chap a light
It's ordinary practice for some guys to be wise
Immersed in fluid swirling in an eddy
Possibly the deep ulterior motive