Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 5th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Distinguished house or Roman ruin
Might such gloves suit a boxer?
The book on the lectern?
The infamy of having it in for me?
The man's property in Chislehurst
Historic king starting lunch (non-vegetarian)
Plant you'll find some days in a new shop
Gifts, though some are only on loan
Personal cover
They're all in favour
Praise one's former spouse, maybe a lot
Hellish place in old Ethiopia
He didn't rule the waves
History-making game?
Groups causing near chaos at some stage?
Turning a person to rock!
The rotters gas for about half an hour!
It's taken very seriously
A political label, in short, can be deceptive
Rests, and turns back for the bridge
The way to start work on a house
Tease a thick-headed relative
There aren't many in a cafe, washing up
Fire down below
Just what you'd expect from a phoney hoodlum
Heart sickening knowledge?
They amuse most of the boys at the end of the street
Drank excessively at the King's Head
Little excitement for teacher around Tuesday
A breathy palindrome
Miss the wild part of California
Wherein to fight a hard-hearted woman
Has to go round the corner, being a painter
Its riders are on board
For keys in the house, this must be paid
A hostel in the heart of Colindale
Clever and pretty attractive
Part of the anatomy of a girl of ten
Golf club shortly out of money
New route, like a ring road?
One holding the record for a flight
No longer forward, nevertheless advanced
Bad actors have no right to be in opera!
Trying one's hardest to get the team dismissed