Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 6th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Listen. The two men are moving
I near got sent off - seriously
Spells "paroxysms"
Thought it had got back in time
With scorn said "Awful racket outside"
A flash and the light's going on and off
Cruel as the ingrate Frenchman?
The springer sprang in the garden!
Or making a comeback in the role of the flier
Get attached, you say, to the foreigner
Did it not rise as it should, for the baker?
How Shakespeare's collaborator worked happily?
Drive off reversing to let us in
Pass round and see to be bothered about
Joins in the frenzied cheers when the ball is caught
Plump up the pillow for the makeshift bed?
Bedevilled, had had it
Encourage the man - a rent-collector
This character is no prohibitionist
Behind one's rival in points, is depressed
They won't get rid of their servants
An atheist and treacherous
Doomed to catch the bug?
No holds barred if there should be an item missing
"Don't forget", says the note, "the increment"
Their having lost the chess piece is annoying
Calling a bankrupt "Mr Monies", perhaps?
The novice is given money at the base
"The doctor act is in need of surgery" is harsh
Doesn't sit until there's a complete lack of movement
About a second before, cancel
Such a problem as granny might become?
Pastry the half ripe one went into
You'll get a shock if it works!
The iron and the wood, I myself carried
Comes to a sudden halt, which prevents electrical trouble
He's more versatile than most and, on the whole, plumper
"Just a minute", said myself and yourself
Punish when you write a tissue of lies
Realised she had been trapped by the murderer
In the sea, nudes swimming - foreigners
Confident that it's unfailing
A bit to one side
About to smoke, was made to alight