Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (July 9th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Time will certainly not stand still!
Apply for the job of president?
To rob thus shows no humanity!
The 'beat' of a giant heart!
Bad ignition
Familiar form of grub chewed by diners without much noise
In Germany we get faultless service
Wherein the chemists could have a little party
Possibly sent half a mile to rest in comfort
Went back to bed
Honest people?
Small quantity of margarine returned
Cabin with space for nautical manoeuvres?
Macbeth's fancied weapon
Time to finish supper with heavy heart
Means of locating '12'?
Vain advice not to consume so much
Joe, a six-footer, is very big
Air composed by George Gershwin's brother
In a state of confusion on the ocean
The stuff comes in a bowser, generally
Criticise the possibility of a debt on it?
Use a knife on some stuff in a cup
Felt things tailored to make a singlet!
They can be put on in the manner of a sari
Exulted when, given credit, one was in debt
The flat stones shone weirdly!
Way to make love by the book
Bit of a stare from Jack
Rarebit cooked up for the referee
One must do so or die in the attempt!
Rant or rave about the weather
Once more, a manuscript takes plenty of paper
Closest to seeming unusually earnest
Tiger's golf clubs?
The rule for keeping a guerrilla leader in check
The keepers can tell you where the land lies
A broken romance
Alternatively, sweetheart, it's a mineral
A rota arranged to play a vital part in circulation
Pledges made when short of fruit?
Custom socially acceptable to a wise man
One you knit soundly?
Stray from the proper route