Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 11th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Deputy capable of some circumlocution
Ability to do a thankless task when unwell
Mixture possibly generating a volt
Could he find humour in a wage cut?
Neck broken in a car crash between Spithead and the Hog's Back
Where the bank will accept German capital all right
Many a rise could be taken out of one!
She's the one left out twice!
It's easy once I get 50 in front
The boys did wrong, swimming in the river
Tie up that Venetian character
In hospital, a great struggle with a good ending
The point of modern currency
Indefatigable keeper?
He's always in consternation
Incisions made by the houseman?
Given a hearty cheer, perhaps, took a seat
Without being a bit amusing, maybe
In what way a showpiece?
Relatively mature, or about to be led astray
Profoundness of the department head, initially
They enable us to hold our heads high
Out West, a horse or a tree
Expert at throwing catches
Bit of excitement or fun, but it can hurt
Animals causing a small stir?
Reason to wind a coil round a small weight
Occasion of towering language difficulties!
In Canada, it contains an American possession
Man of war
Letter I had from a youngster
Kind of hemp for making sails
Quick to learn a key part
Feels differently about taking in cats
Religiously American people
A sum in teacher's head a lot?
Point to the rotten cheats one is keeping an eye on
Longing for a boy with passion
To raise sheep means ruin!
They're useful, also, for apprentices to work with
It's capital for me to be in the country!
Creatures some way caught in nets
Robin Goodfellow sliding on the ice
Sancho Panza's flight