Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 12th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Get up around noon and wash
Go down as the originator
Go along to the doctor to get fit?
OK for audio
Round bird?
Fight to get a comic character to the top
Sausage ingredient that'll make you look tired
Anger, possibly hate
It's good, say, for carrying water away
By railway, again, it's not far
Something written in parenthesis?
You could call it bubbly
Liquid used in one's toilet
The opposition's contention?
Fire breather maybe, but he'll be half dead by Monday
Is a high one infantile?
Study briefly
Related in edited form
In fact, try out a superior student
Whether or not adjacent to London, it's in Northern Ireland
Go after a cash prize out of turn
Follower of a cause
Point raised in talking to doctors
Show unwelcome interest in spoon bending
Is left to regret being excluded from the side, perhaps
How hard I am on little Ronnie!
Pronouncedly the sweet of the week?
Rugby Union name for Australian football
In short, it's of graphic significance
Did Adam have one?
Not backing him up, wouldn't do for the chairman
Being filthy is serious, at the end of the day
Not much of a grin, perhaps
Left in sadness, Scrooge-like
Here, there's a Green place out Lewisham way
Outer aspect of a building with an advert in front
Raciness giving a girl a bit of oomph?
Lordly old soldier?
He pulls himself backwards
Laid up with a bad face!
Not exactly La Mer, nevertheless the sea!