Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 13th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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European centre for cordage
Open a bottle before a girl's nuptial announcement
Help a girl up
Speak harshly of something coarse of its kind
What will you have if you name yours?
Worked hard to muster new voters
Gosh, a half share in a horse!
Instructor arranging a tour around central Austria
Map of the southern uplands
Motet composed as a sort of family emblem
After showing that tea can be made in different ways
Classic friend of the returning wanderer
Deeply impressed by an article we had
A seaman, taking a boozer round, goes on foot
A hush in the wood
Smoothed over incisively
There's a rebellion coming up
Ada and Mike meant a lot to Eve
Gets in touch with current needs?
Just the sort of dog for a German shepherd
Be quiet and keep warm
There's no sole way to relax
Naval flier?
Disperse a shaky cast having an unsuccessful winter
Give a share of an atoll, possibly
Wat a rebel!
Port is a capital place for some frigates
Writer of effortless poetry
An intoxicating trumpet piece
Love in sin, say
Go for a drive, maybe starting tomorrow
A leg man is no criminal!
Thanks a million for the hat!
Group of listeners
Could be a taller part of a tomato plant
Put on to perform before closing down
Criticise a fool for some failing
Fancy a whiskey, but not with her!
Revel in breaking the law on the cheap
The extent of one's knowledge?
Fiddling cars for a friend is dishonest
Posh seasoning?