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Noted figure's outcry in historical battle
Where Cain, in his wandering, came to a valley
Containing a load of rubbish, let's ignore it
The notion that steak is only about £1
Inexperienced converted Tory
Figure to go to sea, perhaps, in a vessel
Doesn't kill, but merely brandishes spears
Disable a military leader on purpose
A flier in black?
Plot a bit of disobedience
See a chap's dressed
"Go," possibly said very softly to a listener
Key water barrier in the Netherlands
Smoothed over for a couple
Prepare to publish a new diet
A drink? Yes, that's right
A deal that brings father to court
By way of being a bit of an aviator
A laughable publication
Pete, was well able to serve at court
Looking promising rather than thorny
Grab a bit of air
A naval reject?
At the Boar's Head, calls for revels
Bound to be in a hole, apparently
Portions of pies containing some spice
Cause to give up one's occupation
A grassy place
A slippery youngster
But commonly halved
Bloomer by an egghead, reading and writing nought but arithmetic!
The agreement is forwarded
Weapon involving risk
Like a bird behind the poop
Covering a fifty year arrangement?
Pop up again
Dog going round in the afternoon?
Anybody can be the source of a quiet snore!
It was a capital little place
There's a Red one in W. central England, by the way
Be slow to speak
People can have tea on them
In the southeast, where part of a lake is National Trust
Helps ensure survival in a sweatshop