Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 15th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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The story is good - set in the City
Think it's about time to act as go-between
A memo about the residue
The way you refer to is "Backward and pitiable"
The salon called it back in
A friend back home got the data for the writer
Depend on me only
Who whipped the cream?
Comfortable though not chic - and one didn't have to commute
Die in a shipwreck coming back again
Inclined to be, when looking after
If you think it out, it is justification for
Winds up the entertainment at the Scottish festival?
Ready for collection
Unpleasant people you may tolerate only in small doses?
Pries up with metal objects
Whatever happens and however fast you're travelling
As it gains speed will, you understand, rock
The rotten fish is sent back
Fancies capturing, in pictures
Wintry weather is healthy, you say
Follows, in the gloom
Spill the beans about a carousal
Tormented, looked for a way through it
A quick way home, for the worker
Twice invite a rebuke
Flower found in the jungle?
Nice work if you can get it!
When I rang off, she had added the finishing touch to the dish
Go on a diet, out to look pretty when summer comes
Shorten to the short "Are sick"
A part-time nanny nobody will miss?
Names the various characters in
Not having got to the fore in one's craft
Undecided, to start with
A policeman and a man that is out to obstruct
Asked, pathetically, to be looked after
How the driller went on and on about his job?
With the hardwood, make a mess of
"Kicking up a dust", I gently interposed, "is silly"
Goes over one's adversities
Finds, too, in the records
Owning up, when giving notice to take a job on
That repartee of the woman's just makes one wilt
By ten, about, something cold to eat does seem tempting