Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 4th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Stint mixing colours!
Prepare to fight back a lot
Reveals in a way that's different
Fatheads making sudden movements
Enthuse over the new door at the end of the hall
Type of pencil whose tip is used in treating a cyst
Timeliness of execution?
Hardly Osama's favourite uncle!
City girl
Romantic relations!
Pettish way to lie?
Allow some price deduction
Historic hothead at the United Nations?
One who gives, let's assume, to some of the poor
Stuff plenty into the outer parts of a couch
Some are negotiable with prams
At school, the kids wouldn't miss him
For a start, half of us are in arrears
Lurk shiftily in the Ministry, making routine progress
A measuring device, but the Americans can get it by the kilo
'Bravo' to mother - she's a queen!
Elflike creature elusively taking trips East
Possibly sad about a bad game, but there are compensations
Deserve to be in the clear, naturally
What an agitator may do in prison?
Stops with a growl, upsetting Tess
Difficult in a way said to be negative?
He gives us a beam
Endlessly sad fellow of consuming interest
It's in mothballs
Be all upset at a mere tag
Pull or twist a gut
To fix things, you need a prison officer
One reason for being tipsy
So Ken prepares something to eat
Ms Lee, the tea lady
By whose industry maybe Mark was won round
Right of the keeper
Best suit
No friend of the earth!
Annoyed a union leader by an unusual step
To feign illness isn't merely nothing
French mistress in the history class
Beast of a computer?