Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 5th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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As eaten at the poker table?
It's apt to be very soft in the hay
Classic provider of reel oil
Rob Stella of a pound, maybe
What to say when taking French leave?
She has her way of working against the IRA
The gaffer's an enthusiast about Rome, possibly
Guided by a light-emitting diode
Leave it to a former partner
Take a month to get some ideas or make a choice
Black mark for a chap getting out of line
Enumerates the noblemen
House half a mile to the southeast
In short, knowledge of no account?
It can hardly be in liquid currency!
Can it never quite crop up in adults?
As king, a much admired figure to many
Credit a politician with something restrictive
Though a change of address is unavailable, vacate
Turn of phrase in which one police inspector gets an order
Protect yourself when you pay out for a posh car
Container in which possibly to bath an animal?
Heavenly flight to the capital of Turkey
So left a note
Bowler who got Bradman out and upset me
The Arne composition to raise the spirits
A woman's name in opera
Put together more than a bit
They're of wood, part of it in bulk
Exclusive criminal?
Erect for the time being
Possibly poetic lies about a motherless man
Fabric I mend cleverly
Unearth a close copy of '14'
Has a good player to perform a lot to achieve this?
Doesn't upset the port
Anicient city not wholly in South Africa
Complain repetitively
New rules for baits
Where, in Italy, Cosmo suffered a small loss?
One you'll see raised at a tea party