Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 7th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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The right leader, albeit left-handed
Rubbish may be shot here
Extra lean?
To many a listener, easily understandable
Outwardly declares a bit of a truce with the stragglers
That of jolly Roger, grinning away?
I had to enter battle with this character!
Bahamas resort with some marinas, saunas, etc.
Setters heartlessly upset by bullocks
Thus may be closed
Take down what's on the menu
Cool-headed girl with superior quality
Collapse on the road!
Those in a Budapest zoo?
Said to be in pairs - before, that is
Disgusted utterance of a bachelor at Hatch End
Fly round a tree in cockily spectacular style
One can eat it for tea in outer Southwark
Encourage a singular soccer side
Change in a fellow
One bringing a breath of fresh air to football?
We have a breathless time!
Talk to Jack, the toad!
It can easily get out of hand
Devious spy touring the States with Tom
Worn machines?
Reduces speed in a gradual approach to central Ruislip
Descriptive of castles by the sea
Sozzled maybe, but you can't say they don't give a toss
In arrears, it's a nuisance being interrupted with 'What?'
Turn up with £50 too much for a garment
Judge to be a feminine fathead?
It's only right for everyone to get somewhere
She's usually after Eliza
Nobleman in real distress
Chelsea girl?
Utterance of a hound or a horse
Change for a hairstyle
He might be said to finish on a seesaw
Where land has value
Acronymic administration
In a piece of poetry, American river
Needs to go to a hotel for food
Wild bears o' bonny Doon?