Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (June 8th 2018) clues of Evening Standard Cryptic crossword.

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Requests the dope to get hold of the back end
The first two letters, by the way, are for overseas
A hole-in-the corner sort of singer
Put off by the explosive device, you decide
Unhappy that one's shares are lowered in value?
Burning to join the marine band
The supposition is that they are lined with gold
Wolf you run away from
Frightened as we merged with the traffic
Not being a pro, getting soft with a rival
With the bits left, is carrying on
Fluky shot that won the golfer the game?
Splashes those mixing it
A channel without water, we're told
Started out in an action role
So drunk it's amazing?
Leaping about, parries the swords
Have, beforehand, to impress favourably
Capsized: by a gust in the river
Be careful! That's the boyfriend!
A rum that has no match
Retract on having to sample food cooked from a personal recipe?
Made a great effort and broke right in
With the drink, bite on a biscuit
Starting off with a clean sheet after killing?
Ate this fish brought round in a covering of some kind
Help themselves to too much when you pass
What the matador flourishes where, while leaping about
Flushed, at the beginning, a songbird
A performer and a first rate performer all round
Find, when you make a copy of
Thoroughly douse the last of the children - a little child
So then ordered to shoot immediately
By means of which something was removed from the vehicle
Escorted to, all right
Carrying a pie, when returning, and plates
Increasing as the curtain is heralding the play's start
Too exhausted to have thrown one's money about
Is among the speculators when the balloon goes up
On the carrying of guns, relents
Decree otherwise and I fall out with
From a quick look, say it's something small and hairy
Made the mistake of having put leeches below the heart?
Thinks it ate with the peripheral teeth