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Whatever happens or whatever the lawsuit is
Portray as a salesman and you take exception to it
Fish that’s the only one of its species?
Though hateful, I do travel round America with
What I think is good to stuff a vegetable with
Making a lot more expensive than it should be?
At producing an excuse for torn clothing, he’s very poor!
Feeling is what returns first to me
Determine on carrying a raid out
Long to get at someone who’s swindled you?
The money is most important
Aware it’s a song I composed; can’t get round that
Guards the homes
Turning, stands right in the way
The unsteady gait does surprise you
And put on the primer badly, getting a rebuke
Reduces or eradicates wrinkles
A match? It’s paler
The answer is, don’t stay away
Get heated and point the gun at
The devil’s own?
Opposed to taking money from a rival
You might let it drop she won the efficiency contest
Rang a bell, as the baby sitter did when she came round
The horse I’d brought back by car is a bay
Getting business in Peru, contrived to make good the losses
Supposed to have p-picked up where one left off
Giving the job to, after a gentle training
Round about six, tries unsuccessfully to call again
Don’t just sit there and let them pay the bill!
The girl I caught in time
It’s very cold when I do fall in, through stupidity
Sly, trapping the bird unhurriedly
Gets into someone else’s clutches when it’s sold
A bad sailor going on a trip out East
Sheet anchors
Shows to be wrong and makes one understand it
Wounded when you snub
Where the doddering old dear with nothing became rich?
Getting the gun, cries “Run!”
The same silly boy is embracing her
The daughter and I set it ineptly to music
Leaves with the hotel employees
Notice, in your Holmesian way