Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 11th 2017) clues of Family Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 68 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Funeral song
(K) Part of a staircase
(K) You, long ago
(K) Payment for an apartment
(K) Artificial butter
(K) Part of a shoelace tying
Apt to snap
Before, long ago
(K) Dinosaur origin
(K) Points you get for a slam dunk
(K) Type of song or restaurant
(K) Like a dirty hearth
(K) Pinned-on piece of jewelry
(K) Toward the rear of a ship
(K) Sport with mallets and horses
(K) Protective waterway around a castle
(K) Fisherman's gadget
___ and vigor
(K) "To ___ it mildly ..."
Old-fashioned sailors' drink
(K) Without clothes on
(K) Novice or rookie
(K) Building-block company
(K) There is an umpire for each one
(K) Animal coat
(K) Tied up on a scoreboard
(K) Try to persuade
20 hundredweight
Largest geologic time division
Spot at a distance
Explosive device
Drink made of honey
State clearly and firmly
(K) Heaviest member of the weasel family (2 words)
(K) Remove a rind
Provide income for
(K) St. crosser
Miss America's hip hugger
(K) Metallic rock
Feature of an opera
(K) Unmatched, as a sock
(K) An untruth
(K) Mars' neighbor
(K) Sidewalk eatery
Scatter (about)
(K) Food warming device
Reproductive cell
(K) "While ___ on the subject ..."
(K) Police officer
(K) Manny Machado is one
(K) Church song
(K) Still breathing
(K) Not all or none
Fortune-teller, supposedly
(K) Common article
(K) Stuff in a museum
Tina of TV
(K) Bottom of a shoe
(K) Opposite of under
(K) Get touchy?
(K) Dairy farm animal
(K) Place to feel the rain
Chancel cross
(K) Easy number to multiply by
(K) Run easily
Here-there separator
(K) Really bad