Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (December 2nd 2018) clues of Family Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 66 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

Spin like ___ (2 words)
Arid (2 words)
The science of drugs
Coast, as on snow
(K) Elusive mythical creature
Certain type of lady's makeup
(K) Minor cut covering
Painful abdominal inflammation
(K) Back, to a sailor
Jamaican fruit
Some jeans
(K) Throw in
(K) "What ___ are you from?"
(K) Bird's mouth
(K) "___ a long story"
(K) Solid in a glass?
(K) Cot
Not pro
(K) "Now I ___ me down to sleep"
(K) Put into operation
Madison in NYC
Anger or choler
Person in jail, briefly
Kind of deposit in a mine
Fun card game (2 words)
(K) Supper or lunch
Tan producer
(K) Televise
(K) Low prime number
(K) Fishing gadget
Pesto base
(K) Group of eight
(K) Period, in web addresses
(K) Type of tree
(K) Opposite of love
(K) Badminton place
(K) Large, round hairdo
(K) Cookie type
Camping equipment
Ivy League school
(K) Hawaiian dance
Part of a jail cell
(K) Hole in the skin
(K) Have possession of
(K) Participate in an auction
Super-long tale
(K) Horse-hoof-on-pavement sound
(K) Transport that glides over snow
Rural pasture
(K) Not difficult at all
(K) Single game roller
Book jacket squib
Big club
(K) "___ you listening to me?"
(K) Police officer
(K) High voice
Egg, scientifically
Paid ruffian
(K) Tender to the touch
(K) One way to change colors
Ginger ___ soda
Got on in years
Person working on a piano