Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 14th 2018) clues of Family Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 68 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

(K) Mountain ___ (soda)
(K) Neck back
Praising poem
Bundle of energy
Swamp plant
(K) Was introduced to
Bother or irritate
(K) Mall store event
Urge forcibly
(K) Wedding circle?
Cable sports network
Tiny amount
(K) Last letter
(K) Change a novel for the better
(K) Lie
(K) Team's rooter
It's chewed in leas
Not a supporter of
Naughty child
(K) Emailed or texted
(K) Slight advantage
Get one's bearings
Voyage start?
Car grille protector
(K) Make a choice
Asthma spray, for example
(K) Opposite of good
Capitol Hill helper
(K) Sketched
Palm starch
(K) Nice and clean
(K) Not short at all
(K) Restaurant like McDonald's (2 words)
(K) Winged stinger
Agile for one's age
(K) Listening device
Egg yolk, e.g.
(K) Certain vegetable
(K) Opposite of women
(K) Yogi or Boo-Boo
Really irritate
(K) Be optimistic
(K) Heal completely
(K) Museum stuff
Indulgent shopping outing
Fancy tie
Knock, as on a door
Drawn tight
"Fee, fi, fo, fum" sayer
Choral piece
Word before one's maiden name
(K) Rhyming writer
Pirates' stolen haul
Something to gloss over?
(K) Clothes-eating insect
(K) Pumpkin dessert
Leave speechless
(K) Cat sound
(K) Less than twice
(K) Unruly crowd
Like desert land
Pitching stat
(K) Mix in a bowl
(K) At the peak of
Southern bread (2 words)