Welcome to the page with the answers to today's (January 8th 2018) clues of Family Times crossword.

Below is the list of all of today's clues (a total of 64 clues). Just click on a clue to get the answer.

(K) Polygraph flunker
Find a slot for
(K) Bird in Wonderland
(K) Tot's mouthful?
(K) Type of chart
(K) 100 percent's total
Coho eggs, for example
Like slanted letters
Stairway post
(K) Have a smart mouth
(K) Need liniment
Fond du ___, Wisconsin
(K) Lemon skin
___ vera
(K) It may be administered with a bible
(K) Move a small boat
Card up a sleeve
Salvation Army collections
Matinee follower?
(K) Opposite of true
(K) Bony-plated mammal
(K) Extinguished a candle
Be an omen of
Tract of open land
(K) Hammer and anvil place
(K) Range-roving animal
(K) Make dove sounds
Oversized coffee container
(K) Mother baa-baa maker
A padlock secures it
(K) Tree fluid
Period of quiet
Same-old-same-old situation
(K) Very young person
(K) Work or work hard
(K) That wonderful lady
(K) Opposite of shut
Excess supply
(K) How some like their steak cooked
Result of an oil surplus?
Old Italian coin
(K) From head to ___
Fateful day for Caesar
(K) Minor change?
(K) Football propper-upper
(K) Performing twosome
(K) Owl hangout
Russian ruler no more
(K) ___ Glory (U.S. flag)
Word with "high pressure"
(K) You might take it lying down
Sit down heavily
(K) Opposite of work
Knight's club
Sound of a step
(K) Art supporter?
Deplaning gift in Hawaii
(K) Be dressed in
(K) Every one
Common type of tree
(K) Winter whiteness